Ashley Baker


The short version: Ashley is a nerd living in Kansas who likes to write fiction and repair computers for fun. (You can read the long version here to learn more about her experience and education.)


Ashley is proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; she's also worked with PHP and MySQL, and continues to expand her knowledge on all of of the above. She works with WordPress on other websites, managing both themes and content. (She is not, however, a graphic designer.)

Ashley also spent five years in the early half of the 2010's working exclusively as a freelance Web content writer. In addition to Web work, she wrote print content for some clients, such as pamphlets to hand out at faires and press release information. While she worked with clients all over, she prefers to work with local Kansas companies.

To see what she's has done in more detail, check out Ashley's portfolio.


When she has free time between her full-time job, her older child and her baby. And when she isn't spending time with her husband or hanging out with her fellow local writers. Which is to say, not nearly as often as she'd like.


She's in various spots on the internet, such as Twitter (@CleverlyTitled). There are some other spots, but Twitter is the most active.

She also writes under the name Ashley M. Hill. She's had short stories published in Empyreome and Luna Station Quarterly.


Ashley enjoys making stuff, writing things, and having a space to showing it off.

So, why not?