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Ashley Baker hails from Lawrence, Kansas. She finished her AAS in computer support from Johnson County Community College in December 2017, with electives focused on Web development and content creation.

She developed an interest in Web design in high school, but didn't have the chops for the art side of it -- and had no idea that development could exist separate design. Instead, she pursued a degree in English to help expand her fiction writing. While this didn't pan out like she planned, she did end up working as a freelance writer for many years after dropping out of college.

In the mean time, she dabbled in a lot of self-learning. She kept up poking around with HTML and CSS, some times more than others. She took computers apart, installed Linux many times without reading the documentation, and learned a lot of things that lead her to going back to school to get a computer-focused degree.

While getting her degree, Ashley decided to focus her electives on the key aspects to Web development that had always interested her: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. She's also taken classes in PHP and MySQL, in hopes of being able to better tackle WordPress theming and development.

Image of Ashley Baker, husband August Baker, and two children

You can view her work over on the portfolio page.

She never stopped writing, either: Ashley writes fiction under her birth name, Ashley M. Hill, with a focus on character-driven sci-fi and speculative fiction. There's more information about that over on her other website.

And that's not all! She has kids -- two of them, eight years and two marriages apart. Her first was born in 2009, and her second was born in 2018. Her husband is also a writer, and between the two kids, neither of them gets much of it done.