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Ashley Baker

I'm an IT professional and writer living in the midwest with my family. I finished my AAS in computer support in December 2017, with electives focused on Web development and content creation. I've worked in retail and food service jobs, and had a stint as a freelance writer when my eldest child was small.

I developed an interest in Web design in high school, but didn't have the chops for the art side of it — and had no idea that development could exist separate from design. Instead, I pursued a degree in English to help expand my fiction writing. It didn't really pan out, and I dropped out without making much headway.

In the mean time, I dabbled in a lot of self-learning. I kept up poking around with HTML and CSS, some times more than others. I took computers apart. I installed Linux many times without reading the documentation. I learned a lot of things that lead my to going back to school to get a computer-focused degree.

While getting my degree, I decided to focus my electives on the key aspects to Web development that had always interested her: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I've also taken classes in PHP and MySQL (WordPress ruled the Internet when I was in school).

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Ashley Baker & husband, August

You can view my web projects over on my portfolio page.

Even though writing wasn't the career I'd hoped, I didn't stop writing. I write fiction under my birth name, Ashley M. Hill, with a focus on character-driven sci-fi and speculative fiction. There's more information about that over on my other website.

And that's not all! I have kids -- four in total, ranging from teen to baby. My husband is also a writer, and between the two kids, neither of us gets much of it done.