A Scattered Bunch of Thoughts Weddings, Wedding Planning, and Related Objects

I’m getting married soon. How soon?



As you might expect, I’ve had a lot of thoughts on wedding planning, both in terms of how it’s completely and totally weird and also mundane. There’s so much expectation, both internally and externally, that I didn’t see coming. But at the same time, everyone getting married feels the exactly same way, all the time, as far as I can tell.

I write to process. It’s a thing I do. And yet, I’ve had the hardest time trying to articulate my many feelings about weddings. None of them seem fully formed enough to warrant their own post, but they’re too omnipresent to simply not write about. So here, less than two weeks before the big day, I’m going to share my scattered and nearly incoherent observations on the topic of weddings.


The Definitive List of Women I Would Leave My Fiancé For

There are important things to establish before going into a marriage, and I think the most important is, “But seriously, who would I ditch you for in a heartbeat?” And while I am of the opinion that no men could sway me from my special dudefriend of choice, let’s be real: the heart wants what the hearts wants.

Here is my (unranked!) list of women who can get it, if by “it” we mean my heart and devotion. August Baker, consider yourself warned.


Some thoughts about Miles, now age seven. ♥

In the car on the way to school on Tuesday morning, Miles and I were talking about the most famous scientists, and why they were famous. We had this exchange:

Miles: Mom, I think Isaac Newton is famous because of his theory and proof of gravity.
Me: Yes, he’s pretty famous for lots of science things.

He’s into science now, you see; science and engineering have interested him for a while now, but lately science has become his whole life. He has a favorite scientist (Neil Degrasse Tyson) to way I used to have a favorite Disney princess (Ariel). And it’s weird to have a child for whom I am no help at times. I know nothing about his favorite sciences (chemistry, biology, astronomy; I think currently in that order). The other day he impressed the hell out of a science teacher, and I’m like, “Yes. Science stuff and whatnot. Indeed.”

But I do know about soaking up reading like a sponge, and that. That is a thing he’s great at. He remembers long strings of numbers, and complex science things he’s read in books, and how plasma globes work — and naturally, can’t remember to wash his hands after using the bathroom.

We’ve started spending more and more time at the library, now that he has his own library card and has discovered there’s a huge section about science in the children’s area. The other day we argued about how many books he could bring home from the library — seven was too many, I said, because they were too heavy for him to carry in his library bag. Ne needs to be responsible for carrying his own things..

He responded, “That is true. I just want all of the books, because I love books so much.”

That, I understand. For a while it looked like maybe he just wasn’t into books; he owns a lot of them, but stopped reading anything other than Minecraft novelizations once he discovered those existed.

It turned out we just hadn’t found him the right books yet (other than Minecraft novelizations). We may never get him into fiction like all of his adults are — he followed that up with, “Especially non-fiction books about science,” — but at least I can guide him when it comes to loving books.


Bitches Baking: Biscuits & Gravy

I’m never exactly certain when I’ll want to blog about a recipe — because I love food, and I basically want to tell you about it as often as I want to tell you what writing projects I’m working on. The end result is that I take a lot of pictures of food with my phone, cursing myself for not bringing my actual camera with me to my boyfriend’s apartment.

This weekend I decided to make biscuits and gravy, a challenge because a) I’ve never really been a gravy eater (see previous BB post, re: irrational food anxiety) and b) my early efforts with biscuits in my 20’s never ended well. However, I love biscuits and gravy.

Both the recipes I used came from Ree Drummond — I didn’t realize that’s the Pioneer Woman’s name until I went to find the recipes to link for this post, but now that I know this, oh. No wonder both recipes were awesome. I’ve yet to meet a PW recipe that didn’t remind me that I love food.

Biscuits and Gravy

The biscuits and gravy, awaiting the beautiful moment when they become one.


Bitches Baking: I Fried Fish & Lived

Several weeks ago Toward the end of March, I went to my Facebook friends and said something along the lines of, “Hey, I’m thinking I want to try fish this weekend. Fried, because all things are easier that way. What would you recommend for a wimp?”

I got a lot of feedback — on fish, on better ways to prepare fish than frying, etc — but it mostly came down to either tilapia or cod. I promptly waffled, panicked, and forgot to actually ever buy fish or the stuff needed to fry it.

Last week, Like, a month ago, my boyfriend was like, “No, seriously, why haven’t you made me fried fish?”1

So, with that reminder and this new thing I’m doing where I revisit foods that I think I don’t like, I set out last weekend last month to fry fish. My anguish can be broken down into three acts, like most things in life.