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Today, Miles Turns Five

There’s really not much to be said this year that I haven’t said before. So, let’s do it a little differently. Miles’ can talk now: he can take over from here. I’ll add a photo dump of my favorite pictures from the past year, and boom! Birthday post. OH GOD MY BABY IS FIVE.

Breastfeeding, Feminism, & Choice: A Critique of Modern “Lactivism”

This was originally posted back on Domestic Chaos. I’ve chosen to include it on this blog because I love it. It has been minorly edited from its original form. Once upon a time there were many thoughtful comments on it from some awesome people, but they were lost in the Great Disqus Debacle when I […]

Happy Second Birthday, Miles!

In mild labor. Most comfy sheet ever. I started having contractions on my due date — March 10th, 2009 — while we were picking up our car from the WalMart automotive center, after my tire had exploded that afternoon. It was an exciting due date full of tons of things I did not expect to happen. […]

Blowing Out the Candles

Blowing Out the Candles Originally uploaded by ashes_poland I will say, on a I’m-stalling-from-cleaning-my-apartment note, that we had Miles’s birthday party on the 13th, and it was great. Our families got together to celebrate our son, who was unplanned and more amazing than we could have ever imagined. I can’t begin to think of a […]