Quick Questions, Answered

What’s This Blog?

“Noise” is the blog dump of things I think about that aren’t writing. If you’re curious about my thoughts on writing, check out the blog I maintain on my writing website.

I have an odd relationship with blogging. Once upon a time, it was an important outlet for me, both as a means to get a handle on myself and to explore things that I thought were interesting. It helped me develop a stronger sense of voice in my writing, and separate myself from my fiction in that way. It helped me explore issues that mattered to me.

All that said, I ended 2016 with the decision to stop — back when the blog was where people would find me via my fiction writing. I’ve since split up the blog into two spots. My writing stuff is available on what is now my dedicated Writer Website, and the personal stuff is here. I still want the outlet to talk about things that matter to me.

Here, expect thoughts on body image, the Internet, parenting, and food. In no particular importance, order, or thematic way.

Who Writes It?

Ashley writes it. I’m Ashley Baker here — obviously, it’s in the header — but I write fiction under the name Ashley M. Hill. Both are me. You can learn more about who I am and what I do on my “about me” page.