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Chipping Away at the Stone

I have been struggling to write about the 70 pounds I gained during pregnancy. And a little bit about the 10 pounds I gained in school before that. I tried not writing about it, and maybe writing about literally anything else, but it sits there like a stone at the front of my mind. I […]

A Scattered Bunch of Thoughts Weddings, Wedding Planning, and Related Objects

I’m getting married soon. How soon? As you might expect, I’ve had a lot of thoughts on wedding planning, both in terms of how it’s completely and totally weird and also mundane. There’s so much expectation, both internally and externally, that I didn’t see coming. But at the same time, everyone getting married feels the […]

On That Time I Broke Up With Tumblr (Which is Right Now)

I deleted my Tumblr account today. It’s something I’d been thinking about doing for a while now. For a period of time — significantly in times of distress — I consumed Tumblr endlessly as a source of comfort and socialization. I felt fairly close to people on Tumblr until I would disappear, either due to circumstance […]

On Ignoring the Straw-Bogeyman

I threw a pair of gym shorts in my bag yesterday morning. I can’t wear them, I told myself, but just in case.  In the past two years, I’ve tried really hard to unlearn the unrealistic beauty standards I’ve held my body to all of my life. And that’s not a static process. I backslide sometimes. As I […]