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It’s That Time of Year Again: Miles Turns Six

I have only written three birthday posts in Miles’ six years — four, I guess, counting this one. It’s somewhat weird to read back on them, both in observing the huge changes in our family over six years, but especially in the changes to Miles as a person.

He’s an entire person. He’s blossomed in school, becoming a strong reader for his age and voraciously interested in math. He loves games, both playing them and inventing nonsense games. We have conversations about feelings and complex topics, and he expresses wants and fears for his future. (He hopes he never gets cancer and wants to build the very first skyscraper in Lawrence.) He makes excuses for why he doesn’t want to do things, and creates weird, elaborate lies. Give him long enough on a phone, and he’ll start taking selfies before demanding to know why I don’t have more games. He can be reasoned with (sometimes).

To Miles, his life is endless possibility. He can and will do everything, and I sincerely hope that I’m able to help him find his way with all of that brilliance and verve. (He’s gonna be smarter than me. No question.)

Nooow traditional yearly photo-dump! Though this one is mostly recent photos, because my photos of Miles are so, so scattered.