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Breaking News: I’m Killing Domestic Chaos

I’ve broken up with my previous blog. After many years, a domain name, and a period of time where I actually thought of myself as a “blogger” rather than just a person who happened to have a blog, I’m done updating Domestic Chaos. Here’s the breakdown.

Why Domestic Chaos Kicked the Bucket

1. Webhosting is a frivolous expense and a thing that I don’t need. While I could just transfer the whole thing over to a wordpress.com site — I clearly have! — there’s more to it than that.

2. I don’t identify with the version of myself who started the blog. Most posts on Domestic Chaos show a young woman who absolutely cannot fucking deal. They’re entries about how I’m basically trying to figure out how to exist every day as I’m getting more incapacitated by unhappiness, depression, and anxiety. Woo!

I’m not a mess anymore, guys. I don’t have my whole life figured out, but I’ve gotten a handle on how to live in a way that keeps me (mostly) happy and balanced. I’ve learned how to make active and positive change in my life. With all that more-or-less in line, I found it increasingly hard to write on a blog that didn’t fit me.

How Cleverly Titled Ties Into All This

It doesn’t, necessary. I mean, for all the bullshit in #2, up there, I’m still me overall and I still want to blog about parenting, writing, feminist culture, and music — a lot of the stuff you already don’t care about. I still obviously can’t resist a blog title that pokes fun at my existence. (It also ties into my public Twitter handle, @CleverlyTitled.) But I wanted to do it from a space that felt less inhabited by a version of myself who, in many ways, was out of control.

Some of my favorite posts from Domestic Chaos will eventually be public on this website. (Actually, they’re all here. I didn’t want to get rid of years of content, but they don’t all hold up.) I’m tackling that on a post-by-post basis, a little bit at a time, while I decide what’s still relevant and what better left for my eyes when I get nostalgic of days past.

I don’t know for sure when Domestic Chaos will go down, but it’s definitely going to happen eventually.


  • Sara says:

    I’m glad that you are saving your old blog posts, even if you kill the domain name and privatize everything. Those old posts are a part of your history, and it’s always good to help us remember where we are going if we can see where we came from. Or, y’know. other profound words that support your decision. Clearly I am not as clever as you 😉

    Love the new look and the new blog!!


    • Ashley says:

      Thanks! I’m hoping that cleaning up the blogging persona, for as pretentious as that sounds, will make me feel more like blogging in the future. 😀

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